Foundation Scholarships

The following is a listing of scholarships administered through the John A. Logan College Foundation. Some scholarships are for the amount of full tuition and fees while others are for lesser amounts. All are awarded by action of the Scholarship Committee. Some scholarships are not funded every year by the donor. Scholarships noted with an asterisk are funded fully or in part by a JALC Foundation endowment. Click here for a PDF list of the scholarships administered through the John A. Logan College Foundation.

We have a new scholarship system called Award Spring! Please follow the link below to fill out the general scholarship application.

External Scholarships

There are a variety of free national scholarship search databases that can assist you in identifying additional scholarship resources. Below is a list of sites that provide scholarship information. Please keep in mind that some of these websites may sell your profile information to marketing companies, but most, if not all, offer ways to ‘opt-out’ of receiving unwanted solicitations. There are also scholarship searches that will charge you a fee. Since there are plenty of online services that don’t charge, we suggest that you use the free ones. Stay alert to possible scams. If the guarantee or offer sounds too good to be true, you should probably avoid it.

Please remember that John A. Logan College does not endorse any specific website, nor is JALC responsible for the content on the various websites. We are simply providing these links as a courtesy to you.

College Board

College Resource Network

College Zone

Fast Web

Free Scholarship Searches

Ghandi Peace Scholarship

Paul Simon Essay Contest

Scholarships for Women


Scholarships for Single Mothers

Where do I send an outside scholarship check?

If you receive an outside scholarship, and the check is mailed directly to you, please bring the check to the Foundation office.  The Foundation office is located at B33 across from O’Neil Auditorium.  If the check is written to you and JALC please make sure you endorse the check. It is vital that the check is brought to the Foundation office as soon as possible.  Do not hold on to the check for an extended amount of time as this could result in a delayed scholarship release. Checks that are more than 30 days old may have to be reissued.