Distinguished Alumnus

2023 Distinguished Alumnus – Tim Miles

Tim Miles

A best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and marketing executive, Tim Miles returned to John A. Logan College as the 2023 Distinguished Alumnus, where he addressed graduates and other guests at the College’s May 11 Commencement.

Miles’s road to success took several turns, including returning to college and venturing on his own after a successful career in local radio.  His college career began as a fearful freshman farm boy at the University of Illinois, where he took his first communications course and got a D. He got better.

He spent over ten years on local radio as an on-air personality and creative director, winning over 80 awards for his work in marketing, strategic communications, and creativity. Despite his success, he began to recalibrate what it meant to be a truly successful communicator after the birth of his first child.  Today, Tim Miles is widely considered one of the planet’s most engaging, entertaining, and enlightening presenters. His talks have taken him halfway around the world, but he now calls a little town outside Nashville his home where he owns and operates a consulting firm where he works with clients who trust his wisdom, kindness, and passionate commitment to their growth.

As Tim Miles travels the world helping businesses grow, he carries with him the impact that John A. Logan College has had on his life and my career.

“The impact that John A. Logan College has had on me is immeasurable,” said Miles. “I use present tense intentionally because—even though I now live 182 miles away in Nashville—it continues to provide an extraordinary return to this day.”